Fresno Smooth Dancers
Fresno Chapter of National Smooth Dancers, Fresno Smooth
Dancers, is a local chapter of National Smooth Dancers, a
California ballroom dance organization established in
1937.   Fresno Smooth Dancers is a non-profit corporation
that supports and encourages both social and competitive
partner dancing.There are eight NSD chapters in California,
and Fresno has been an active NSD Chapter since 1985.
Our Activites include:  Monthly Dance Parties,
Special Black Tie Events, and Dance Lessons.
Welcome to Fresno Smooth Dancers. We welcome beginners
and experienced ballroom dancers.  Dances include foxtrot,
waltz, cha-cha, rumba, mambo, tango, swing, bolero, salsa,  
and night-club two step.




Golden Gate

Los Angeles


San Diego

San Fernando

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Dance Whispers Newsletter
Competion Dance Rules
Because of Covid-19
our Coronation Ball on June 6
, 2020
Has been cancelled.

All other
Fresno Smooth Dancers Events
have been suspended
until further notice
The 2020 NSD State Convention
and the
2020 Bakersfield Dance Weekend
have been cancelled